Speak about your favourite season cue card

Speak about your favourite season
● what season it is
● when does it comes
● what are it’s characteristics
●Why you like it
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My home country is a land of different seasons .As earth revolves around the sun, there is variation in temperature at different times in 12 months . The five seasons which people enjoy on this land are: summer, winter, rainy , autumn , spring. The season I Admire most is the spring season. It comes after winter and stays for a short period i.e. February and March. This is the season when we say bye-bye to winter and welcome summer. It is called the queen of seasons .

As the spring sets in, the earth looks lovely and charming. The days become warm; new leaves grow on trees and plants. Flowers bloom everywhere in the gardens . Cool breeze blows and this season brings greenery all around. The marvellous roses win our hearts. When we walk in a garden, we are enchanted by the dazzling colours of flowers. It is very delightful . Pleasant weather and dust free air makes people enjoy life out of homes after chilly winters. People plan outings and picnic to near by places. The season brings freshness in life and it symbolises that old is replaced by new. Spring is a season of melodious sounds. The bees humming in the garden fill our hearts with joy. The earth wears a green garment. Spring transforms it into a paradise .

I like the season most , as it brings the festival of colour , Holi with it which I enjoy the most with my friends and family members . I prepare a number of traditional dishes on this festival .Spring festival and rose festival is organised by city authorities which add charm to life . In these festivals, flowers are displayed, exhibition of various plants are also organised. Altogether the season is associated to nature .Everything is fresh and new . The parks are full of people waking, cycling and playing sport. It’s a fantastic season . The beauties of spring make us forget our cares and sorrow

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