Speak about a book favourite to you during your childhood cue card

Speak about a book favourite to you during your childhood
● Name of the book
●who gave it to you
●what the book was about
●why did you like the book
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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the Body. Most of us have gotten caught up in an exhilarating new tale that transport us to the new world and allow our mind to de-stress and learn new things. Since childhood, to engender reading habits, My Mother always encouraged me to read good books. In my childhood I read many story books but, the one which left an everlasting impression on my mind was ‘Stories from panchatantra’.
This book was gifted to me by my mother during my annual summer vacations in 6th class. This book was a big book of 500 pages. It comprised of 150 stories. All the tales were related to morals and the values which were conveyed through animal characters. To make the book more attractive and valuable, there were colourful pictures of animals in animated form. The book was written in simple English language with bold words. Every story had related games and colouring activities which made it more activity oriented and rewarding for children. The title page was equally colourful and fascinating.The look of the book was so catchy that if it was lying on table, one could not sit without having a glance at it.
This books instilled moral values like co-operation, co-ordination , discipline , dedication , helping attitude. I liked the book because of its wide constructive benefits . Firstly, It is renowned axiom that ‘knowledge is power’ it helped in boosting my vocabulary. Secondly, It made me a better writer. Thirdly, It created strong analytical skills and improved my focus and concentration. Lastly, It fostered all around character building as it provided different life perspectives that helped improved my empathic capabilities.

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