Ordinary people copy famous people whom they see on TV and magazines. Do you think it is a positive development? writing task 2

Ordinary people copy famous people whom they see on TV and magazines. Do you think it is a positive development?


Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

Admittedly, TV and magazines are what cater to the quest for leisure. Celebrities play a pivotal role in the subjective orientation of people and it is indubitable to say that since time immemorial, common man is drawn towards imitating celebs whom they ardently follow; be it on TV soap operas or Journals. However, in my contention this trend stems a mixed bag of both boon and bane.


Certainly, famous people have monumental influence on our lives. Firstly, Celebrities often display extremely developed skills, which can help to spur young people towards a life full of physically active. For instance, school children are often driven to exercise in an attempt to emulate superstars, such as Novak Djokovic, Ronaldo, Messi. Secondly, teenagers can also take valuable lessons from their idols mistakes. Since celebrities actions are often publicized, adolescents have the opportunities to observe various examples of misconducts and learn from them. For example, upon hearing the doping accusation of Louis Armstrong, many of the biker fans realize that there is no shortcut to success which leads to success and honesty should be of paramount Importance.  Thirdly, celebs set a good example of how to live and act. Illustratively, some are involved in humanitarian efforts such as fighting social injustices, raising money for sick or injured people, supporting relief efforts when extreme weather damages a community, contributing financially to hospitals or hosting free events to support philanthropic efforts.


Perhaps, in the 21st century, the impact of celebrity culture on society, especially on young people, has come under scrutiny. The rise and dominance of social media sites such as instagram and their links to glorification of “super-skinny” celebrities have been cited as influences in the rise of eating disorders in young people. Also, if their favorite celeb has 6 pack abs, they also try to achieve such a body, and to do so quickly, they have to consume a lot of unhealthy supplements, which may not be good for them. Another negative effect of this development is that if these celebs drink or smoke in public, the common people think it is a sort of status symbol and do the same. They want to achieve the comfortable lifestyle and costly cars and other such possessions without doing hard work. As a result, crime incidences are often seen.

Overall, this practice does uphold mixed outcomes, whereas on one hand it creates awareness amidst masses, while paradoxically, on the other hand allures them to indulge in delinquent acts. Hence, it is highly recommended that youth should be encouraged to realize that a man’s real worth is not judged by his possessions, rather by the journey he goes through to achieve those possessions.

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