B.A M.A Class

Hundreds of students await their fate of admissions to postgraduate courses in majority of subjects at Panjab University which depends on declaration of results of the entrance tests. Henceforth, it plays an indispensable role. whence, it becomes imperative to seek right guidance to achieve it with flying colours.

Interview preparation

Interview questions can be predictable across most industries and for almost every kind of position. I have offered interview coaching for some four years now. I love empowering my students with this critical career management skill, Those that do sign up for interview coaching reap the rewards with confident skills that lead to great offers. The distinct advantages of this course are :
Irresistibly Influential Communication Skills
• Body Language, Conversation & Etiquette
• Ultimate Time Management Strategies
• Goal Setting
• Presentation Skills
• How to handle criticism
• Interview Skills
• Team Building
• Group Discussion
• Leadership Skills
• Develop Confidence
• Master Your Mind
• Relationship & Persuasion Skills
• Stress Management
• Work Life Balance
• Decision Making Skills
• Talent Development Strategies
• Emotional Intelligence
Think for a moment about what happens when you develop these skills: You become the Success Magnet. And this is a very good news because once you develop these skills you become unstoppable. You possess the power to control yourself and others. People will Love and admire you. You will achieve more, be more. You will go to the next level in your personal, professional, social life. And all you have done is decided to develop yourself by attending The ultimate course.

Spoken English

Today, English has become a world-wide language. Whether you are a beginner or expert in English, spoken English can lead you to next level. English is the GLOBAL LANGUAGE. BENEFITS of spoken english classes:
*Through, spoken English course you can speak English fluently.

*You will become perfect in listening, writing and speaking.

*A great way to interact and meet new people in proscribed setting.

*It improves your all over growth

*It improves your personality

*build up career opportunities to lead a booming standard of living

*gain self-confidence while speaking, listening and understanding

*Remove your shyness and a person will be able to achieve what he desires

Personality Development

Imagine how would it be if you could express the way you always wanted, become totally charismatic and gain respect of all people you come across. One of the key benefits of Personality development is the over-all shine that is brought about in a person’s personality after undergoing personality development. The over-all demeanor of a person is more vibrant, it develops elements of many traits, that form a charming whole and there is a sharpening of personality for the better.
• Another key benefit is the confidence and morale that automatically gets a boost and a push with good personality development.
• To state another advantage of personality development, – The opportunity to be able to form a healthy rapport with anybody of any age bracket.
• There are several other advantageous aspects to having a personality development experience, like the ability to hold your own, the ability to curb temperamentalism and be an out-going and well-spoken or rather, well communicative individual.
• There are several times, we hear of how important effective communication is, how it is important to have clarity in communication and so on, all this and more is achieved by a regular personality development.
• Overall, the person gets a wonderful edge and a razor-sharp yet approachable as well as a warm outlook to life and people.


IELTS is an extensively used test to assess the proficiency of the candidate in the language. It has been ranked as an arduous test because of the lack of adequate knowledge about its real essence. Right coaching delivered by the experienced trainers ensures the utmost success. We aim at delivering the first-rate coaching to all the aspirants using varied range of teaching methods and innovative learning activities to help them achieve the desired results in ielts exam.
What is the need of IELTS?
IELTS test checks a person on various parameters of English language which includes subjective as well as objective knowledge of English language. The major agenda behind organizing this exam is to test the proficiency level of a person on various parameters. The said parameters include accent understanding, knowledge of words, ability to interpret paraphrasing and many more.
How IELTS works?
The four modules of ielts test act as four pillars which strengthen the knowledge bank of a person who is appearing for this test. IELTS is an educational venture which is jointly owned by Cambridge University, British Council as well as IDP.
When IELTS test is conducted?
IELTS test is conducted all over the world on pre-specified dates. The exam is conducted four times per month. Out of these four times, only two times, the general exam can be taken. Whereas, Academic IELTS test can be given on all the four dates which are available every month. Normally, this test is organized on every Saturday of the said month. However, an Academic ielts exam is sometimes organized on Thursdays as well. Apart from this, the speaking module is always organized on weekdays along with a period gap of one week prior or after the complete exam.
Where IELTS exam is conducted?
This is a very common question that arise in the minds of almost every aspirant, whether they have to travel so far to appear for this exam or they can do it locally only? The answer to this question is NO. IELTS is conducted globally in almost every renowned city of the world. It is readily available in your local vicinity which is really proximate for the ease of candidates. It is delivered even in our local regions that include our own city Chandigarh as well.
Who accepts IELTS?
Well, talking about current scenario, this exam is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations of the world. These organizations accept IELTS for study, settlement, knowledge up gradation or work purpose. IELTS has made a global presence all over. Moreover, the reach is constantly inclining on monthly basis.
Where a person should take best ielts coaching in Chandigarh?
In the rat race of business development, a lot of centers have come up which claim themselves to be the best one in this league. But we recommend a person should look for an extensive experience which that ielts institute has gained over years as well as the certifications of British Council and IDP.
Who is eligible for IELTS exam?
For appearing in IELTS exam, a person should be at least senior secondary school pass out. The minimum age required to appear in this test is 16 years. As per the right guidance, a person should have crossed an age stamp of minimum 18 years in order to take this test. As, it requires an extensive knowledge about different aspects of English language which sometimes, is not possible in a tender age because of the maturity level. But it purely varies from person to person.
Why we are best for IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh?
1. A well organized and streamlined Coaching approach for the holistic development of candidates.
2. And unmatchable ambiance where the faculty treats everybody equally and provide best tips and tricks to clear IELTS exam in first attempt only.
3. Regular mock tests along with proper feedback system where every doubt is cleared in a well-versed manner.
4. Best in class infrastructure which includes all the facilities, be it audio or video labs along with special chambers for individual speaking.
5. A positive aura and expert student counselors to guide you throughout the journey of coaching, right from the beginning till the last day.
6. Regularly updated courseware along with standardized tips and tricks which make it easy to grasp every module in a perfect manner.
7. Special batches, which have been designed to suit the comfort level of working professionals because of their busy schedule.