celpip writing question 2


Question 2

your company holds an annual spring cleaning day where all the employees help clean the office. your boss has asked everyone to complete a survey to indicate their preference of job.

which option would you prefer?

Option A : clean up outside the building

Option B : clean up inside the building



I personally deem cleaning the inside premises of the office would be a better idea. Even though, exterior of the building convey professional image to the clients, associates and visitors, I believe inside cleaning of the workplace would increase staff morale and productivity.


An unclean work environment is an excellent breeding ground for various germs and allergens. I think a clean office environment is the key to efficiency. Regular and thorough cleaning will reduce superficial bacteria and increase the air quality, producing a happier, healthier and more relaxed environment all around.


Another reason why I think cleaning office from inside would be a great idea is because tidy work environment implies superior, quality products and services.


Considering these reasons, I believe having a clean and healthy workplace is a major cornerstone when it comes to running a successful business. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.


Thanks for giving me a chance to provide my input on this issue.