Cue card

Talk about a foreign language you want to learn (other than English)

● what language would you like to learn
● where will you learn this language
● why you want to learn this language
● how will you learn this language

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

It is a renowned axiom that “knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”. A foreign language is a language originally from another country. The six official languages of United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian. Among them, French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents.

I would like to learn French from Alliance Francaise chandigarh, Recognized by the French Embassy in India, it has played a pioneering role in promoting French culture in the City Beautiful. It provides French courses, official French exams, library and cultural activities.

Knowing French language offers wide constructive benefits. Prime being, to speak French is an asset for anyone interested in working in international organization. Allied to that, if you go on vacation in another country, you will be able to speak with the people there and get help around. France has been the number one tourist destination in the world. It open people’s minds to the different cultures of the world. Lastly, Memorization, critical thinking and interpretation skills improve immensely in those students who take a foreign language.

Soon, I will enroll for A1 level of the French course that deals in light introduction to French grammar and vocabulary.


Describe a family business you know about.

You should say:

What type of business it is.

Who own this business.

What activities are involved in this business

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

There are many ways to start a business but to start a business that turns into a successful model and generates income is what matters in the end. India’s educational market is huge and the avenues it is opening up for young entrepreneurs are enormous.

My brother runs an educational Institute named IELTSnisha in Panchkula. IELTS is the test which assesses the English language ability of people who wants to study or work in the Anglophone countries. This test is divided into four module (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) in which the language is evaluated. There are two different types of tests Academic and General Training. The listening and speaking of both tests remain same, however, reading and writing parts are different from each other. The total test time is 2 hours 45 minutes.

Having sharp business acumen and a burning desire to flourish is what drives an entrepreneur to making a success in this competitive world. Hence, there is well experienced staff that delivers best coaching to students dreaming to study abroad.

Allied to that, it also lends assistance in drafting strong covering letter and resume to brushing up your interpersonal skills and guide how to tackle tricky questions, there is no essential element that this institute does not take care of in preparing the candidates for their interviews.

A true entrepreneur is a rare breed; it’s someone who possesses a unique cocktail of traits, skills and characteristics like leadership, innovation, responsibility and creativity in the conceptualisation and execution of their business plans that enable them to beat the odds and go after their dreams full throttle

Some people say that computer games are bad for children by all means; others believe that these games are contributing to children’s development. Discuss both views and give your opinion? WRITING TASK 2

  1. Some people say that computer games are bad for children by all means; others believe that these games are contributing to children’s development. Discuss both views and give your opinion?


Sample Answer (Band 8.0)


Computer games are dominating as the best source of amusement in this high tech era. From its humble beginnings in the 80s, the video games industry has exploded into 10-billion dollar empire. However there are predominantly two contrasting views where a section of society deems that these adventure games are detrimental for younglings while other emphasis that computer games work as cerebrum secret.

On the one hand, various factors make a section of people advocate that electronic games are destructive for children’s growth and have many reasons to substantiate it. To begin with, computer games tend to corrupt the minds of children. These games can confuse reality and fantasy. Secondly, children become victim of various health hazards such as obesity, weak visions, eye strain. Thirdly, themes of video games are violence, ferocity, destruction of mankind which could be perilous for emotional health of kids. There have been several cases in America, whereas students have done violence acts to their classmates because they were influenced by the games.  Lastly, it binds players in an advanced edge and wrecks their social and family life. Hence, rampant use of these games may disrupt the lives of children physically as well as psychologically.

On the other hand, some believe that computer games are lucrative for overall development of a child and must be preferred for myriad reasons. First and Foremost,  it gives children’s real workout resulting into high level thinking which makes them more creative and skillful. Also, exposes a person to foreign languages in an authentic context. Henceforth, it improves their linguistic ability. Furthermore, a child become quick decision maker under the influence of strategy games like chess, scrabbles are fruitful to improve academic performances. Besides, in shooting games, the character may run and shoot simultaneously which help children think quickly and develop their hand-eye co-ordination and use motor skills and spatial skills. Hence one must invest time in these games.

In my opinion, computer games are entertaining and educative. It helps in releasing stress. Players could feel the excitement of being a heroic character or a professional athlete, without having the risk of being injured or hurt. And some games are created to trigger people’s imaginative thinking, such as Tetris or chess.

Speak about a book favourite to you during your childhood cue card

Speak about a book favourite to you during your childhood
● Name of the book
●who gave it to you
●what the book was about
●why did you like the book
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the Body. Most of us have gotten caught up in an exhilarating new tale that transport us to the new world and allow our mind to de-stress and learn new things. Since childhood, to engender reading habits, My Mother always encouraged me to read good books. In my childhood I read many story books but, the one which left an everlasting impression on my mind was ‘Stories from panchatantra’.
This book was gifted to me by my mother during my annual summer vacations in 6th class. This book was a big book of 500 pages. It comprised of 150 stories. All the tales were related to morals and the values which were conveyed through animal characters. To make the book more attractive and valuable, there were colourful pictures of animals in animated form. The book was written in simple English language with bold words. Every story had related games and colouring activities which made it more activity oriented and rewarding for children. The title page was equally colourful and fascinating.The look of the book was so catchy that if it was lying on table, one could not sit without having a glance at it.
This books instilled moral values like co-operation, co-ordination , discipline , dedication , helping attitude. I liked the book because of its wide constructive benefits . Firstly, It is renowned axiom that ‘knowledge is power’ it helped in boosting my vocabulary. Secondly, It made me a better writer. Thirdly, It created strong analytical skills and improved my focus and concentration. Lastly, It fostered all around character building as it provided different life perspectives that helped improved my empathic capabilities.

Describe a plant in your country cue card

Describe a plant in your country
●where it is grown
●why is it important
●What do you like about it
Geographically India is a huge country . It has millions of species of plants and their paramount significance ranging from religious to medicinal . However, a plant called TULSI is considered sacred. This plant breeds throughout the country. As no huge celebration is complete without incorporating a cake ceremony into it likewise a Hindu house is supposed to be incomplete if it does not have TULSI plant in the courtyard.
The name TULSI connates ‘the incomparable one ‘ . It is a venerated plant and Hindus worship it in the morning and evening. TULSI grows wild in the tropics and warm regions.
TULSI is used in making tea. It has beautiful fragrance and boiling it’s sweet leaves in tea refreshes a person. Today, Its leaves and stems are also used in the manufacturing of several anti- cold medicines , particularly Ayurvedic ones. It has a constructive effect in controlling diabetes as well as asthma.
It is beleived that careful caring for and devotion to the TULSI plant will help people absolve their sins. Where there is TULSI plant , the Gods are present. The TULSI plant is exceedingly auspicious in India and it is said to eliminate tension. Taking a bath with a few TULSI leaves in the water is deems as sacred bath.
I sincerely believe it is one of the most popular ornamental plant we have. Above all it ensures harmony in the home.

Describe an important HISTORICAL event in your country cue card

Describe an important HISTORICAL event in your country
You should say:
● when it happened
● what is it’s significance
● what were the important people involved in it
History is who we are, why we are and the way we are. It is through history we come to know about imperative events , periods that gave way or shaped the way to progress and development like industrial revolution . However what fascinates me or deeply influenced me is the history of Republic of India which began on 26 January 1950.
The country became independent nation within the British commonwealth on 15 August 1947. The constitution of 1950 made India a secular state and a democratic state . The nation faced religious violence, casteism , naxalism , terrorism .
Sardar vallabhai patel was one of the founding fathers of Republic of India. He was called the Iron Man and was the first Home Minister of the country. He had tough task of unifying the 550 odd princely states into one homogenous country.
Beginning 1991, neoliberal economic reforms have transformed India into the 3rd largest and one of the fastest – growing economies in the world .
Today , India is a major world power with a prominent voice in global affairs and is seeking a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council. Many economists, Military analysts and think tanks expect India to become a superpower in the near future .
History teaches us indispensable lessons and we can learn from the achievements or mistakes of our ancestors. Everything in this world has its history. It’s through that we value what we have today.
Part -3 ( Follow up questions)
What do you think we can learn by studying the events of the past?
We learn from our mistakes, and just like individuals learn from the mistakes made by themselves or by others, we as entire society can learn from the mistakes that we have made in the past. Also, there are things that we can repeat that were good in history. To be able to repeat and prevent it is very important to know the history and knowing history is not about knowing the names and characters but about understanding the entire flow of data.
What important events do you think might take place in the future?
With respect to my country, I believe there are certain events that are bound to happen in the future. One of them is the strengthening of women in our country. There is a certain degree of respect and love given to women in our country but there are certain areas in which we lack in terms of equality. I believe that in future there will be more of woman power coming up. Also, it is very likely possible that the matter of Kashmir will be solved in the future. It is high time that India and Pakistan are fighting over the case of Kashmir, causing distress to both Kashmir, Pakistan and India. I hope and believe that the decision will be made very soon.
Do you think internet is a good place to learn about history?
Definitely yes. For the initial startup, I do believe that internet is a great place to learn about history. You can learn from different sources, for free and figure out if you are really interested in learning about history. When that happens, one can very easily go for a formal course. Even though, if people are not interested in going for formal courses, one can learn about it from different websites and you tube and so much more.




Describe a time when you received a good service from a restaurant or hotel or cafe.

You should say :

● where it was

● when you experienced it

● what made it a good service

Sample Answer (Band 9.0)

Cafe became the ruling avatar of city life. A cursory glance down on my local high street proves that we are now a nation of coffee addicts. F CAFE, in chandigarh , is an urban hang out whose ubiquitous food and whimsical Ambiance draw the young and old alike. Recently, I dropped round to see this cafe with my friends. It offers a wide variety of delectable delicacies tasty enough to boost your taste buds.

visit :

The cafe won my heart when it comes to service. Excellent hospitality, extremely courteous staff totally blew my mind. Quirky drinks and deconstructed dishes are cafe’s unique selling proposition. Let’s take a free ride over the interior and cuisines which it offers from all around the world along with a dash of glamour and luxury for which F venues are well known.

With the cutesy cafe-like vibe greeting you , not to miss the cozy and comfy decor for longer sitting. Colourfully done up with bright walls and thumbs up to their hearty mexican and European menu . We got love served there in the form of ah-mazing coffees, pastas , sandwiches and what not. The interiors are spectacular and beautifully lighted giving such a fairy tale feel.

Stepped inside and I witnessed how effortlessly the bold and colourful furniture blends perfectly with international theme. Indeed, this place has revitalised my senses by reflecting positive vibes into my bloodstream.

You would regret if you did not try their lip smacking veg burrito and ice blended caramel cold coffee . Henceforth, F cafe is an ideal destination for party loving young crowd of the tricity , who wants to unwind after work or enjoy a nice evening out.