Cue card

Talk about a foreign language you want to learn (other than English)

● what language would you like to learn
● where will you learn this language
● why you want to learn this language
● how will you learn this language

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

It is a renowned axiom that “knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”. A foreign language is a language originally from another country. The six official languages of United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian. Among them, French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents.

I would like to learn French from Alliance Francaise chandigarh, Recognized by the French Embassy in India, it has played a pioneering role in promoting French culture in the City Beautiful. It provides French courses, official French exams, library and cultural activities.

Knowing French language offers wide constructive benefits. Prime being, to speak French is an asset for anyone interested in working in international organization. Allied to that, if you go on vacation in another country, you will be able to speak with the people there and get help around. France has been the number one tourist destination in the world. It open people’s minds to the different cultures of the world. Lastly, Memorization, critical thinking and interpretation skills improve immensely in those students who take a foreign language.

Soon, I will enroll for A1 level of the French course that deals in light introduction to French grammar and vocabulary.


Describe a family business you know about.

You should say:

What type of business it is.

Who own this business.

What activities are involved in this business

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

There are many ways to start a business but to start a business that turns into a successful model and generates income is what matters in the end. India’s educational market is huge and the avenues it is opening up for young entrepreneurs are enormous.

My brother runs an educational Institute named IELTSnisha in Panchkula. IELTS is the test which assesses the English language ability of people who wants to study or work in the Anglophone countries. This test is divided into four module (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) in which the language is evaluated. There are two different types of tests Academic and General Training. The listening and speaking of both tests remain same, however, reading and writing parts are different from each other. The total test time is 2 hours 45 minutes.

Having sharp business acumen and a burning desire to flourish is what drives an entrepreneur to making a success in this competitive world. Hence, there is well experienced staff that delivers best coaching to students dreaming to study abroad.

Allied to that, it also lends assistance in drafting strong covering letter and resume to brushing up your interpersonal skills and guide how to tackle tricky questions, there is no essential element that this institute does not take care of in preparing the candidates for their interviews.

A true entrepreneur is a rare breed; it’s someone who possesses a unique cocktail of traits, skills and characteristics like leadership, innovation, responsibility and creativity in the conceptualisation and execution of their business plans that enable them to beat the odds and go after their dreams full throttle

Speak about a festival most popular in your country cue card

Speak about a festival most popular in your country
● which is the festival
● how is it celebrated
●why do you like it
● what do you dislike about it
Sample Answer (8.0)
My home country is famous for its diverse culture and heritage, It is known as land of festivals and celebrations. People here give importance to religious and historical events. They celebrate them as a mark of remembrance of events. Many festivals are celebrated here like Holi, Baisakhi, Is, Dussehra,Christmas and many more. But the festival which has a paramount significance is Diwali.
Diwali is known to be festival of lights. Hindus celebrate it with great enthusiasm. It comes in the month of October or November, 20 days after Dussehra. People start preparing for this festival in advance. They clean and decorate their houses, buy new clothes, utensils and jewellery. Not Only this, markets and shops are also well decorated for this Gala day. The festival has a connection with the great Epic ‘Ramayana’. As Lord Rama returned on this day after 14 years of exile with his wife sita and younger brother Laxmana, so people of his kingdom celebrated his return with great joy and happiness by lighting earthen lamps and distributing sweets.
People wear new clothes, worship the Goddess of wealth Laxmi, exchange sweets and gifts with their friends, relatives and neighbours. Children enjoy this festival by bursting crackers. I also follow all traditions, customs and rituals to celebrate this festival . I also like it most due to its importance, sanctity and auspiciousness.
One thing I dislike about this holy day is that some people indulge themselves in drinking and gambling which is really very bad. The other thing is that just to have fun, people burst crackers of high noise bombs which create noise as well as air pollution.

Speak about a book favourite to you during your childhood cue card

Speak about a book favourite to you during your childhood
● Name of the book
●who gave it to you
●what the book was about
●why did you like the book
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the Body. Most of us have gotten caught up in an exhilarating new tale that transport us to the new world and allow our mind to de-stress and learn new things. Since childhood, to engender reading habits, My Mother always encouraged me to read good books. In my childhood I read many story books but, the one which left an everlasting impression on my mind was ‘Stories from panchatantra’.
This book was gifted to me by my mother during my annual summer vacations in 6th class. This book was a big book of 500 pages. It comprised of 150 stories. All the tales were related to morals and the values which were conveyed through animal characters. To make the book more attractive and valuable, there were colourful pictures of animals in animated form. The book was written in simple English language with bold words. Every story had related games and colouring activities which made it more activity oriented and rewarding for children. The title page was equally colourful and fascinating.The look of the book was so catchy that if it was lying on table, one could not sit without having a glance at it.
This books instilled moral values like co-operation, co-ordination , discipline , dedication , helping attitude. I liked the book because of its wide constructive benefits . Firstly, It is renowned axiom that ‘knowledge is power’ it helped in boosting my vocabulary. Secondly, It made me a better writer. Thirdly, It created strong analytical skills and improved my focus and concentration. Lastly, It fostered all around character building as it provided different life perspectives that helped improved my empathic capabilities.

Speak about your favourite season cue card

Speak about your favourite season
● what season it is
● when does it comes
● what are it’s characteristics
●Why you like it
My home country is a land of different seasons .As earth revolves around the sun, there is variation in temperature at different times in 12 months . The five seasons which people enjoy on this land are: summer, winter, rainy , autumn , spring. The season I Admire most is the spring season. It comes after winter and stays for a short period i.e. February and March. This is the season when we say bye-bye to winter and welcome summer. It is called the queen of seasons .

As the spring sets in, the earth looks lovely and charming. The days become warm; new leaves grow on trees and plants. Flowers bloom everywhere in the gardens . Cool breeze blows and this season brings greenery all around. The marvellous roses win our hearts. When we walk in a garden, we are enchanted by the dazzling colours of flowers. It is very delightful . Pleasant weather and dust free air makes people enjoy life out of homes after chilly winters. People plan outings and picnic to near by places. The season brings freshness in life and it symbolises that old is replaced by new. Spring is a season of melodious sounds. The bees humming in the garden fill our hearts with joy. The earth wears a green garment. Spring transforms it into a paradise .

I like the season most , as it brings the festival of colour , Holi with it which I enjoy the most with my friends and family members . I prepare a number of traditional dishes on this festival .Spring festival and rose festival is organised by city authorities which add charm to life . In these festivals, flowers are displayed, exhibition of various plants are also organised. Altogether the season is associated to nature .Everything is fresh and new . The parks are full of people waking, cycling and playing sport. It’s a fantastic season . The beauties of spring make us forget our cares and sorrow