Cue card

Talk about a foreign language you want to learn (other than English)

● what language would you like to learn
● where will you learn this language
● why you want to learn this language
● how will you learn this language

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

It is a renowned axiom that “knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”. A foreign language is a language originally from another country. The six official languages of United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian. Among them, French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents.

I would like to learn French from Alliance Francaise chandigarh, Recognized by the French Embassy in India, it has played a pioneering role in promoting French culture in the City Beautiful. It provides French courses, official French exams, library and cultural activities.

Knowing French language offers wide constructive benefits. Prime being, to speak French is an asset for anyone interested in working in international organization. Allied to that, if you go on vacation in another country, you will be able to speak with the people there and get help around. France has been the number one tourist destination in the world. It open people’s minds to the different cultures of the world. Lastly, Memorization, critical thinking and interpretation skills improve immensely in those students who take a foreign language.

Soon, I will enroll for A1 level of the French course that deals in light introduction to French grammar and vocabulary.

Some think that children should start school as early as possible, while others believe that they should start school at the age of seven. Discuss both views and give your opinion?TASK 2

 Some think that children should start school as early as possible, while others believe that they should start school at the age of seven. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Sample Answer (Band 9.0)

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Indubitably, Education is the only valuable asset human can achieve. It is renowned axiom that ‘ A child without education is like a bird without wings’. Henceforth, It is the prime responsibility of parents to send their children to school at the right age. However, there are predominantly two contrasting views where a section of society deems that younglings should begin their formal education at a very early age, whereas others emphasis that the age of seven years Is the best for young people to commence educational studies.

Apparently, various factors make a section of people advocate that sending the child to school as early as possible holds wide range of constructive benefits. To begin with, Kids will develop social as well as intellectual skills hence have more chances to succeed in the future. Research shows that speed of connections made between neurons is faster during first five years. Secondly, the child is like a empty bucket and their character is like molten clay, one can mould these innocent incarnation of God as they want to in their formative years of character building only. Thirdly, the kindergartens are more play school, which helps to learn things in an interactive and fun way. For example, there are dance classes, music classes, scrumptious meals, the soft toys and games are the added charm. Lastly, if a child lives in an atmosphere of immense care upto seven then the substantial pamper by the Kiths and Kins may sometimes be detrimental as a child on later phase confront huge difficulty to come out from his/her comfort zone which shows rampant results.

ON the other hand, people who support the idea of allowing children to stay at home until the age of seven have myriad reasons. First and foremost is , a child under the age of seven is so vulnerable and needs lots of care and attention. Thus, no one like a parent would care about his/her own child.  Secondly, parents are the true heroes for the children because the latter imitates the former like a copycat. Resultantly, parents are the corner stone that guide children to build up a good behavioural pattern. Thirdly, family being the biggest institution like religion exerts enormous influence in the overall development of personality which ultimately makes him a highly valued citizen. Lastly, putting children under the pressure of study can hamper holistic growth of a child. Hence this practice should be discouraged.

In my opinion, importance of playful activities in young children’s development, and the value of an extended period of playful learning before the start of formal schooling is unsurpassable  as it leads to synaptic growth.



Describe an animal you saw and found very interesting

● where you saw it

● how you felt about it

● why do you think it was interesting

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

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Animals are imperative part of eco-system. They help to maintain food-chain in nature and without them there will be imbalance in nature . I like to watch and know about Animals but my favourite one is Elephant. It is found in most of the dense forests in my country.

I saw this animal for the first time in zoo during my childhood. Now I can see it in the circus and wildlife sanctuary. Sometimes, in the fair this animal is used for joy ride. The animal has a huge body, two fan like ears, a long trunk, tusks, a small tail and tiny eyes. This is an herbivorous animal. It has thick skin. It’s features make it funny and attractive among people.

People tame this wild animal and use it for different purposes like carrying load and for transportation. In circus it is used for entertainment. This animal is killed for its tusk which has a great export value. The decoration pieces made from tusk are very costly. In my county, in some of the states it is worshipped as it symbolises Lord Ganesha and as the most intelligent animal . I like the animal for its giant body structure and intelligence.

Elephant is now becoming extinct in some parts of my country. So , It is considered as an endangered species. Government is taking many steps to protect this beautiful creature on earth.



Describe a time when you helped someone

● who was the person

● what did you do to help him/her

●Do you think it helped the person

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Help ever, hurt never ‘ is a popular saying which I normally follow in my life. As I feel we are human beings and on humanitarian ground it is our duty to help our fellow beings . I belong to the family where each and every member is ready to serve needy . So i never miss a chance to lend a helping hand to someone in dire need. I remember vividly that during my 12th exams when my close friend approached me to help her in making some notes for English exam. Instantly, I insisted her to stay at my place for study as she disclosed her dream that she want to go to overseas for higher studies for which she must score 80 marks in her English exam.

As we started, It took me no time to realize that it was not her hold on the concept that was taunting her but it was actually her confidence level. Firstly , I tried to build her confidence through showing her the brighter side of the picture and gave her many examples. Then I taught her one poem from the syllabus and instructed her to come prepared for the test, and she gave optimal performance. Than I motivated her more and within a couple of days she started gaining confidence and passed the exam with flying colours. She scores 85 marks.

Believe me, I felt myself over the moon, and thanked Almighty for blessing me skills through which I cn help others. I was very satisfied and contented. This was the first time I realised how enthralling it is to help someone. I felt blessed and words can’t actually describe it.

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Describe a good photograph someone took for you

You should say :

● when and where the photo was taken

● who took the photo

● what the photo depicts

Sample Answer (Band 8.0 )

Photos are indispensable. They document the moment in time and freeze it for generations to come. Photos can remind us of people, events,or beauty of a place. I have always loved photos for the emotions they can invoke. I am a photo freak and loves to be photographed.

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I have huge collection of my personal photos as to my mind, photographs are our personal story which we can share with others. It is a timeline of our lives filled with faces and places that we love. The hundred of images come together to form a narrative of our lives.

I would like to  tell you about a photograph that was taken of me which I , My family and my dearest friends have always holded in high regards. It was taken about 2 months ago when I was travelling in car with my darling brother to attend a religious ceremony. As the function was kirtan which refers to a genre of religious performance arts, connoting a religious form of narration or shared recitation particularly of spiritual or religious ideas. So, I was dressed up in an ethically Indian attire. I chose pink with bottle green dupatta silk suit.

The moment I got ready , I wanted to capture it but as my brother was waiting so I hurriedly rushed to sit In car and the camera remained on . The function went well. I got many compliments n clicked plethora of pics. After reaching home, when I scrutinized my phone gallery , I was astonished, spell bound to see this particular pic. It seemed like I unintentionally took a selfie and it turned out to be a beautiful pic. Henceforth, comprehended the paramount significance of candid shots.

The serene calmness is actually not possible to describe in words. Whenever i look at it, it brings me a feeling of tranquility and placidity. For me, it encapsulates rewards of deep breathing. Firstly, It promotes better blood flow. Secondly, relieves stress.Thirdly, It calms anxiety.

I shout out, Take a deep breath and embrace the fresh air. It gives immense pleasure and add unique charm to your face.

Part 3: Details Discussion:

Q: What do you think about ‘Photography’ as a career? 
Answer: This question is equally interesting and difficult for me. My personal belief is that ‘Photography’ is a great occupation, not only because it is indispensable for many different fields but also because through it people can discover the world. To be more precise, by taking a photograph, the moment is frozen and the depiction is saved no matter what. Photographs decorate books, magazines, paintings and many other things. So, it’s an essential vocation that is associated with other jobs, similar to it or not. In addition to this, photographers travel a lot across the world and see new places, landscapes, buildings and so on. It is something that apart from a profession is also a hobby and provides entertainment and spiritual education to photographers. As I see in my country the career of a good photographer is quite bright and full of possibility. With online journalism, this has become an even more demanding profession.

What makes a good photograph?
Answer: Although I love taking pictures for a long time, I haven’t been concerned with the details and technical aspects of photography thoroughly. But I would say that the most important part of a good photograph is the theme of the picture. For example, a beautiful landscape could make a photo really impressive by just having beautiful colours or scenery. Furthermore, the angle that the photograph is taken from is significant as well, because with technique a simple theme can become an attractive one. Furthermore, lighting, focus on proper objects and use of right camera can make an ordinary scene to become a beautiful photograph.

Q: What are the improvements latest technologies has brought in photography?
Answer: Technology has contributed to tremendous improvements in photography and its storage and distribution. First of all, smartphones and iPhone have built-in high-resolution cameras and that has made taking pictures easier and more convenient. People these days are no longer obligated to carry a professional camera with them to take pictures. Pictures taken from a mobile phone can be transferred and viewed on a personal computer and can be stored online. The photo editing software can not only change some basic characteristics of the photo taken but also the whole picture and can make it more appealing. With the help of the technology and software, an ordinary picture can be converted into a professional one without significant efforts. Technology has offered us advanced cameras with more power and features and those cameras can take pictures in extreme environment like in the water. I would say that camera, photography and presentation of photos with the help of technology has got a higher dimension.

Q: How often do you take photographs?
Answer: The truth is I used to take pictures very rarely in the past, but after I created my Instagram account, I’ve become accustomed to taking pictures very frequently. I really like capturing every important moment and other significant events with my friends and family and sharing them with my online friends has become a common activity for me. That doesn’t mean, of course, that I take pictures all the time but I try not to miss capturing worthy moments and sceneries. My Instagram account, which is photograph storage and photo sharing website, has led and inspired me to use my camera more frequently than ever before.



Speak about a journey you made

●place where you went

●when and with whom

●why did you go there

●why did you like the place

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

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Monotonous routine of life sometimes makes life full. From last 6 months, my life was restricted to home and office which reduced the charm of life. Just to relax, refresh and rejuvenate, I decided to take a journey . Last week I went to shimla, a hill station. Snow covered mountains, breathtaking lakes, pleasant climate, and alluring greenery –Shimla offers everything one can ask for. Popularly known as the queen of hill stations, the city and the places nearby never cease to amaze with their endearing beauty. There is this magic in Shimla’s air that makes everyone fall in love with it. It is blessed with all the natural bounties which one can think of. The trip lasted 3 days. I went with my family by my own car. It took four hours to reach the place. As the journey was by my own vehicle, so we enjoyed the scenic beauty of thick green forest , big mountains, flowing streams on the way. The monkeys were really centre of attraction. In shimla , we stayed in a hotel for 2 nights and 3 days.

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We went to myriad places like the Viceroy Lodge, the Christ Church, ‘jakhoo ‘ Temple which is at very high altitude. This temple is heaven for all nature lovers and pilgrims who come to visit the historic and incredible 108 feet tall lord Hanuman statue. Popularly known as the Scandal Point,this place is home to the famous Tudor library. The platform offers marvelous specter of sunset and sunrise . The Shimla state museum amazingly displays the glorious past of the state with its rich culture and heritage. They have a marvellous collection of different artifacts, paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and a lot more which they have been preserving since ages. I did horse riding there and The pine trees equally enhance the beauty of the place. We purchased traditional garments, winter wears and decoration pieces from there.

We captured memorable moments in our camera but the most enthralling moment was when all family members wore traditional Himachal costume and clicked a family photograph. We enjoyed traditional cuisines also at the place. I liked the place because of its stunning beauty, chilly weather and greenery all around . The experience of vising the place was invigorating and is surely a treat to one’s eyes with its captivating beauty and ambiance. when I again started my routine, I was vigorous and Arduous.



Describe a piece of cloth you wore on special occasion

You should say :

■ what was the cloth

■ who gave it to you

■ when you wore it

■ Explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer ( Band 8.0 )

Fashion and clothing that makes a man unique from his fellow beings, Is of paramount importance in the contemporary era. Therefore the trend of creating the culture of new fabrics and other accessories has been ascending for a quite while now.

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Your Attire speaks volumes before you open your mouth . First impressions are formed in an instant and appearance can heavily influence someone’s initial opinion. People around the world wear myriad sorts of dresses and due to geographical location and seasonal changes, the attire varies. I am a fashionista and love to remain in limelight on every special event. Last year, For the wedding ceremony of my cousin sister I was dressed to nines.

The women behind my wardrobe is my darling sister who lives in Mumbai , who had couriered a lehenga ; the traditional dress for this special occasion. The fibre of the cloth is geogette. Dark turquoise blue and red geogette lehnga embroidered with silk choli with gold embellished kundan work having scalloped edging , lavishly decorated with little sparkling mirrors gave it a unique touch.

Traditional Indian wedding is full of ritual and customs that bring joy and excitement to all people involved in marriage . The ribbon cutting ceremony is one such ritual . When the groom arrives at the venue he receives heartiest welcome from the bridesmaids and sisters . I was given the task to put tilak on his forehead. So i was dressed to kill.

To make the dress more elegant . I bought diamond jewellery and bangles also. The complete dress gave me sophisticated and glamourous look. Many people gave me compliments. It elevated my confidence and the charm of occasion as well.

I liked the dress because of its fascinating dress material, colour combination and above all it complemented my personality . Believe Me, I felt myself over the moon . So it was due to this dress I got recognition , identification and appreciation . It was a Gala Day .

Follow up Questions

1. Do others like your clothes?

Well, as per my friends I always dressed to kill, and most of them seek my advice for best color combinations whenever they have to attend a special occasion. Therefore, we can say that not all but most of them love what I wear. Moreover, I’ve heard them saying that swag is really amazing.

2. How often do people buy clothes?

Actually, not very often. It is because my hubby do shopping for me so that hash out the need of it.

3. Are women more into shopping than men? Why?

It is true that women shop more in comparison to men. In some cases, it’s their hobby, otherwise there is nothing else to kill the boredom


Building confidence since childhood ! Personality Development

We can achieve nothing if fear is instilled within us. Fear kills ambition, dreams and even the slight chances of progress is the wisest message the Bhagavad Gita gives us. The Foremost thing that Today’s Parents are concerned about is how to build confidence in their child. well, In my contention , self-esteem is your child’s passport to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness. It’s the foundation of a child’s well-being and the key to success as an adult. The secret of my high confidence is that Since childhood my morning begins with reciting a poem “Itni shakti hamen dena daata, Mann ka vishwaas Kamajor ho na, Ham chale nek raste pe hamase, Bhulkar bhi koi bhul ho na”.

Swami vivekananda was 8 years old when this incident happened. He loved to Dangle head down from a champak tree in his friends compound. One day he was climbing the tree and an old man approached him not to climb the tree. The old man was probably scared that swami could fall and break his limbs or was just being protective about champaka flowers. The old man told him that there was a ghost living on the tree if he climbed the tree again. Swami nodded and the old man walked away. The not so convinced 8 year old climbed the tree again, all of his friends were scared and asked him why he was doing it despite knowing that he would be hurt; he laughed and said ‘what a silly fellow you are! Don’t believe everything just because someone tells you! If the old grandfather’s story was true then my neck would have broken long ago’. And this was Swamiji as a young boy. BOLD and FEARLESS with an exceptionally strong common sense!

Good Job! Well Done! I really like what you are doing, keep up the Good work.

How many of you use such phrases for your child everyday? certainly any.

I believe, Parents are the main source of a child’s sense of self-worth. To illustrate, Geeta Phogat

(who was born to a renowned Indian wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat . Her father left his job just to concentrate in training her and Babita for the commonwealth Games. In 2010 Commonwealth Games, she became the first Indian women wrestler to win a gold medal, in the 55kg ) .This kind of nurturing cements together the blocks of self-worth. The earlier the cement is applied, the smoother it goes on and stronger it sticks.

If you raise a confident child that grows up with a healthy self-worth, it means they have a realistic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, enjoying the strengths and working on the problem areas. Because there is such a strong parallel between how your child feels about himself and how he acts, it is vital to discipline to raise a confident child. Throughout life your child will be exposed to positive influences (builders) and negative influences (breakers). Parents can expose their child to more builders and help him work through the breakers.

children need jobs. One of the main ways children develop their self- confidence and internalize values is through helping maintain the family living area, inside and out. Raise a confident child by giving them household duties. This helps them feel more valuable and channels their energy into desirable behavior and teaching skills.

planting a garden teaches children that they reap what they sow. water the plants and they grow nicely, Keep the weeds away and flowers bloom better.

Another surefire way to boost confidence in Kids is to encourage them to take on tasks they show interest in , then make sure they follow through to completion. It does not matter what the task – it could be anything from swimming laps to participating in any kind of competitions . The point is for them to stick with what they start , so they feel that hit of accomplishment at the end. In my experience, children react favorably to receiving praise for going above and beyond- naturally , anyone does. However, its even more important to show children that extra effort will yield benefits in order to instill the idea within them that they are acceptable of greatness and that hard work pays dividents.

Man is destined to face challenges in life. Life is not a bed of roses. Obstacles and difficulties sre bound to come in the way. All desire for success. However, everybody doesn’t succeed in achieving his goals. Failures are a part of our lives. But one who keeps on striving is crowned with success, eventually. Always remember “Failures are the pillars of success”

To brief, Love your child, Give praise where praise is due, Help your child set realistic goals, Model self-love and positive self-talk, Teach resilience, Instill Independence and adventure, Encourage sports and other activities, Support their pursuit of passion, set rules and be consistent



Describe an occasion when somebody visited your home

● who he/she was /they were

● when it happened

● what you did for the occasion and visitor

● Explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer ( Band 8.0)

Celebrations allow us to rejuvenate and unwind in the midst of our mundane lives. We use them as an excuse to gather with our closest relationships. As we celebrate, we allow stress of life to fall behind and energise ourselves. My parents are very hospitable and we have visitors to our house very often.

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Here I would like to talk about an occasion when all my dearest friends came to my home. The auspicious day was 17th june, It was actually my birthday which was celebrated with great pomp and show. It was a day full of awesomeness. Round the clock, I witnessed innumerable surprises. As my Ten unfailing companions arrived at my place with flower bouquets, delicious chocolates. Gosh! The moment I saw that fairy barbie doll cake, My joy knew no bounds. A dolly varden tin, pink buttercream fondant cake won my heart ❤. It brought back lovely, kiddish, fun memories of my childhood.

We all know that every family has their own special rituals, and in my family, My darling Mother makes halwa on every special occasion. As I am not a big fan of cooking so my mother prepared the food for my friends and they all relished the sweet jelly halwa aromatised with saffron and nuts. When one have amazing people like this in one’s life having an opportunity to celebrate with them is really icing on cake.

Believe Me, I felt myself over the moon, walking in air. The laughs of that day still reverberates in my mind and heart. Cheers to my all life long companions. It was a Gala Day.

Follow Up questions

Do you often invite friends to visit your home?
Yes, like to invite friends to visit my home. Sometimes we have get-togethers at home and sometimes when we have to study or make a project, I invite my friends over.

2 Do you like visitors coming to your home?

Yes, I like visitors coming to my home. It’s good to have relatives and friends come over and we can spend quality time with each other.

3 Do people often visit you at your home?

Yes, people visit me at home quite often. We have an extended family system that we follow and a lot of my relatives live in the same city Also, sometimes my friends and neighbors also visit us at home.

4.How often do visitors come to your home?

Visitors come to my home very often, in fact twice or thrice a week.

5.When do visitors come to your home?When someone has to visit they usually call ahead and come there are no specific times when people visit us at home.
When someone has to visit they usually call ahead and come there are no specific times when people visit us at home.

6. Do you prefer to have friends visit you, or relatives?

I like having both my friends and relatives visit me. These days everyone is busy on their routines and anyone visits vie, it’s a good way to spend quality time with them

7. What Jo you usually do together with your visitors?

When we have visitors over, we usually Sit and chat, discuss the day’s happenings or any social or national issues. Sometimes we share jokes and have a good laugh and all this happens usually over of a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks. Sometimes we also have visitors over for lunch or dinner.

8. When someone visits you; ‘how do you usually show hospitality (or, entertain them)?

Hospitality towards visitors is in our culture. In India, guests are treated like God. We show our hospitality by making them feel comfortable and offering them drinks and snacks or food, depending on the time of the day.